Why Would A Man Build A Boat?

by Larry Burnett
(Texarkana, AR, USA)

Why would a man build a boat, when he could just buy one?

Lots of reasons, really.

Maybe he needs a boat for fishing, or duck hunting, or just to escape, but he doesn’t want just any boat.

He wants a boat that is tailored to him - that looks the way he wants it to look, that handles the way he wants it to handle.

Maybe he wants a boat that has his name, not just on the side, but written in its structure.

Or – maybe its really only barely about the boat at all.

Maybe it’s more about the building.

Maybe a man builds a boat because of some genetic need to create something – with his own hands.

Building a boat can sometimes just be about “a man doing, what a man has to do.”

Or - Maybe a man builds a boat in order to own something that is truly unique in the world, and by that ownership, to confirm his own uniqueness.

Or – maybe it’s to defiantly cheat the irrelevance of old age.

Sometimes, building your own boat is about, one more time, screaming to the world, “Hey, I’m still here. And, I still matter.

And I’m still doing things that are worth paying attention to.”

Or – maybe a man builds a boat to “connect” in a manly way.

Sometimes a man just needs to touch his people - a son, a wife, a daughter, a good friend – in the way he best understands: by doing.

So, more times than not, probably, team boat building is as much about the laughter and the coffee, as it is about the stinky, sticky work of building a boat.

When you think about it, there is really no lake in the world that we could not simply drive around or fly over.

But, some of us just don’t choose to do that.

Some of us choose to cross it in a boat.

And some of us choose to do that in a boat of our own making.

For whatever reason - adventurous hearts do adventurous things.

And for the rest, well, they just pass life by quietly, while life does the same to them.

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