What to do with dad's Skee Craft?

by Tim Mattis
(Findlay, OH USA)

I have been in the possession of my late father's 1961 Skee Craft runabout for about 20 years.

It has been my dream to see it back in it's original (or close to it) shape that I remember from my childhood.

It is a strong connection to fond memories of Indian Lake, Ohio when everyone was alive and happy!

As it has deteriorated (as you can see from the attached photos) it has become more and more difficult to imagine that it could ever be saved or if I could ever afford to have it restored......or if it would even be worth it!

My wonderful wife has been more than patient with it sitting in our driveway year after year, but I know she would love to see it gone!

This is the first website that I have found that seems like it might be able to provide me with some good, sound advice on where I should go from here.

The outboard is not the original.

It is a 1962 Merc 1000 (the first year that any outboard hit 100 hp, I've been told).

It has not been really run since the early 70's.

I did some minor rebuilding and tune-up of the engine myself about 20 years ago, but it hasn't even turned over for at least 15 years.

If the outboard is collectible I need to know what it's value is, especially if the boat itself is beyond saving.

Thoughts? Advice? Input?

Anything would be very much appreciated!


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by: Anonymous

Hello I love wooden boat and love to restore.

Your dad"s boat was built about 5 miles from where I live.

Have 4 Skee Craft boats and always looking for more.

If you plan to sell and want it to have a good home, Please cont me. boat-miller@comcast.net

Thanks and have a great day

Skee Craft
by: Mike

Hi Tim,

Well, she is looking a bit sad.

I can, almost, understand where that angel you are married to is coming from.

However, she might just change her mind if the boat was restored and looking in her prime again.

Despite or even because of, the boat’s sentimental value to you, I think you are going to have to make some hard decisions soon.

As she is she looks to be still restorable, but if you leave her much longer.......

So I would suggest that you either make a serious attempt to clean her up or pass her on to someone else who is prepared to put in the time and effort.

And I think your Dad would have preferred to see her restored and in use by someone.

Skeet Craft Photos
by: Mike

Hi Tim,

For some reason the photos haven’t come through.

We’d all love to see them and they would help us to answer your questions.

If you would like them adding to your post you can email them to me, as attachments to mike@diy-wood-boat.com and I resize them etc, and add them for you.

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