What is the best wood to use for ribs

by Sandy
(Fort St. James, BC Canada)

What is the best wood to use for ribs?

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by: bill

Oak...your in Canada, you can get it and it's tough as nails!

Wood for Ribs
by: Briggs

"White Oak, it also steams really well!

I think mahogany and or fir for laminated because its light and strong!"

by: Sky

"Seems like I've always heard white oak for it's strength and rot resistence... but perhaps thats for larger wooden boats."

rib timber
by: Peter

Rock elm, oak, european elm, larch,

by: Mike

Hi Sandy,

White oak and Rock Elm are the favourites but it very much depends on the scantlings.

What size of boat were you thinking about?

And how are the ribs to be formed, sawn, steam bent or laminated?

It is also worth checking what you can source locally, though that shouldn’t be a problem for you in BC.

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