What Glue to Use???

by Doug

I have been a life-long user of Resorcinol glue.

Now that I have run out of it, I find it is impossible to find now, it is removed off the market.

Can anyone tell me an alternative to it?

I need something to use for scarf joints.

They are not going to be underwater but I just like the security of the Glue.

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by: BILL

WESTSYSTEM EPOXY! works well and holds forever!!



Glues and Dramas
by: rigger chris

I so feel for folks with glue dramas.

I am new to cascofen.

I have just to add I love it as I'm using wood covered kevlar, it's great.

I read of a man had never had a epoxy failure, I have had many even after the stuffs mixed properly.

This I feel is horses for courses, I like the powder, me mates like epoxy.

The thing with all the glues is the joints need protecting from weather.

by: Gary

The new ' G-Flex' epoxy is the bee's knee's...

by: Brigs

Some people say that resorcinol is better than epoxy, but I disagree I've never had a properly prepaired epoxy joint fail.

Epoxy with the fillers is less expensive than the purple stuff too!

Resorcinol Glue.
by: Mike

Hi Doug,

I'm a great fan of Resorcinol glue.

Fortunately I can still get it here in the UK.

In the US you could try AIRCRAFT SPRUCE they do have it advertised, both cascophen and weldwood.

I have been using a product called ‘Balcotan’ which is a one-component polyurethane but only above the waterline.

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