Wagemaker Project

by Jim
(Bristol, WI USA)

Hello; I'm ready to stain and seal this '52 Wagemaker.

The bottom is fiberglassed.

There is some dry rot on the inside floor that I want to seal for added strength.

Photo #1 is under the bow.

Under gas tank.

It won't show so just some thick sealer?

Photo #2 is under front seat.

Some more thick sealer?

Photo #3 is the transom.

A little "Git-Rot" here?

There is a West Marine close by that sells these supplies.

Thank you for any help in deciding on the correct products.


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Wagemaker Project
by: Jim

Thanks for the expert advice.

Now one more thing.

What stain was used on these boats?

Would it be called red mahogany?

Who makes it?

Wagemaker project
by: Cal

Hello Jim,
Good pictures, if this is a boat you are going to do up for resale I would cut the veneer out, takes less time than you would actually think.

Then you have to match glue new in place, if your carpentry is not perfect add a trim.

You see boats all the time that are just bond-owed.

Takes less time less money and you can do it. and it lasts for years.

Then there’s the servers they’re getting real good at their jobs, paint high eds a lot but they will find fillers.

Fuel tanks need ventilation composite fiber bloc make a grate spacer between wood and steal hope that helps Jim.

by: Michael

Hi Jim,
Is it actual rot (as in the fungus) or simply delamination?

If it is rot the wood will be soft and crumbly.

It looks, from the photos, to be simple delamination.

I wouldn’t bother with "Git Rot".

A better option is to use CPES as a sealer to stabilize the plywood.

If you think that there might be rot spores in the wood, you could treat it with antifreeze (glycol) but make sure that it has soaked in and dried thoroughly before applying the CPES.

Rot doctor
by: Gabriel

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