Transverse planked clinker built boats.

by Simon

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a question about Clinker built boats.

Normally, the planking is longitudinal on transverse ribs.

But what about the other way, Transverse planking on stringers.

Does anyone have any knowledge of boats built in this way.

And why would they be built in a way which to me would seem quite difficult.

I know boats made by laminating veneers or strips are set at right angles to each layer, but I have found nothing on the internet about single planking laid at and angle to the keel.

The reason I ask is that I have just bought such boat.

A lovely 9 foot rowing boat. With planking laid transversally at roughly 40 degrees to the keel.

I would be interested to have any information at all about the technique and merits (or otherwise ) for this way of building.

Thank you,


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transverse planking
by: Anonymous

I find it impossible to believe such a boat exists.

It contradicts every fact that I know to be true about timber.

The only possible explanation is that it consists mainly of epoxy and therefore is not a wooden boat.

If I understand you correctly this is a single skin planked boat not multi skinned.

The top of the plank is always dry,the bottom of the plank is always wet this can only mean disaster.

by: Mike

Please post some photos of her.

See below

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