by Charles Miller

Just was given a beautiful wooden boat.

Its 16 feet long, 8 feet wide.

It's in realy beautiful shape,except the transom was all rotted out.

Ineed to know what kind of wood to use to replace it.

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May 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

Very open question Charles.

If she is painted you can use whatever is available locally that is classed as durable.

You could even use marine ply and glue and pin a cheek all round so that you screw into the cheek and not the ply endgrain.

Make these around a foot long and three inch wide and one inch thick.

Fit the ply to get your shape then remove it and screw and glue the cheeks all the way round.

Use cascamite if that is available in your area.

Trim the cheeks to the transom line, refit the transom with a bead of Sikaflex or similar, then screw through the planks into the cheeks not the ply.

Talk to your local timber man about which timber to use for cheeks but a good hardwood from the mahogany family is my favourite.

If she is varnished you can still use this method but get advice on which facing material the ply should have i.e oak, mahogany etc.

It looks pretty naff if you don't get it right.

If you want to go for the real wood option then take a piece of the transom to any established timber yard and the chances are you will get a pretty good answer.

If you know the original builder then get onto the internet because they will certainly have a load of information on there.

Best advice I can give.

She survived this long as she was built so don't go rushing in with some modern hi tech solution.

Take your time.

Enjoy it.

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