Transom repair help, 1963 Thompson sea lancer

by Lyn Fleischman
(Wolverine Michigan USA)

Transom leaks in various places where the stacked boards are seamed together laterally but very sound, solid condition of the entire wooden transom.

I have sanded the entire transom an all is smooth & flush ... So.

How should one go about sealing for water tightness and to refinish to the natural wood finish. Mahogany

Please help.
Thanks a million. ...lyn

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O thank you beyond belief for your help
by: Anonymous

So the epoxy sealer is the answer..

How many coats do you recommend on the transom?

An on the exterior & interior?

Any tricks on the application?

I do appreciate your knowledge in this dept.

by: Anonymous

Assuming that there are no large, obvious cracks and as the transom does not flex like the rest of the planking you could treat t with CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) as a primer before varnish.

It will get in all the cracks and nooks and seals it up really well.

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