The Bismark


I am currently building a model of the Bismarck.

But they recommend using a water based glue.

I can only glue one piece at a time and have to leave it 24 hours to dry, and have to use modified clothes pegs and elastic bands to hold it in position.

I have got a glue gun and sticks, and have in the past used it to stick small switches successfully to battery operated items which have come loose from their original mountings.

Would the glue sticks (resin based) hold it together and be water tight?

I have at this time got to a point where I have to do some caulking using small bandages.

So would the glue gun stop any leaks?

My build has stopped for several years as once when built I intend to donate it to any school that is teaching about the Second World War and the warships involved i.e. the Bismarck.

I have had to modify certain parts that do not fit as per the diagrams.

The only pieces that I do not have which I paid for but never received are the motors and the remote control unit.

It has cost me over £1000 so far for all the parts but now sadly having had to retire I cannot afford to spend a lot on any more parts.

I would be appreciated if I could finish the build even if not motorised.

So can you advise me on what I could use to successfully finish my build?

PS. It is built in two parts as it has to have access to the battery compartment and the motors.

PPS. I have included my name and address as my computer burnt out and have had to obtain a cheap one as I have not been able to get a website address.

WF10 5BU.

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by: Antonio

Construindo o Bismarck News

Waterproof Glue
by: Mike

Hi John,

I would have thought that your glue gun would be perfect for model building.

As you have used it before I'm sure that you are aware that the standard glue sticks do set quite quickly.

Perhaps the best alternative would be Titebond III.

However, for a model I should think that most exterior quality polyurethane glues would suffice.

For building a model I should think that it is best to avoid any of the foaming/expanding glues such as "Gorilla Glue".

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