Terri Lee II 1967 37 Foot Chris Craft Constellation

by Terri Kasmoch
(Toledo, Ohio USA)

1967 Chris Craft Constellation

1967 Chris Craft Constellation

1967 Chris Craft Constellation Natural Wood Interior Black Walnut Wood Deck Side Deck

When we purchased the boat there was no information on-board.

We purchased the book, Chris Craft The Essential Guide, that identified the make, model and year based on the hull number we found during restoration.

The Chris Craft hull card is located in different places depending on make, model and year of boat, but every Chris Craft has an original hull number.

We contacted the Mariners Museum and based on the hull number we were able to purchase a copy of the original hull card, photo, engine information, owners manual and marketing materials from 1967.

Here is the information about the Terri Lee II. In the marketing brochures Chris Craft referred to the boat as the “Connie”.

Hull Number CXD-37-2039-H
Length 37’
Beam 12’ 3”
Draft 32”
Freeboard Forward 64” – Aft 48”
Height 14’ 10”
Fuel Capacity 175 gallons
Hull Material Mahogany
Bottom Color Copper-bronze
Waterline Color Black
Hull Side Color White & Blue
Cabin Top Color White
Deck Material Original-White Vinyl Restored- Black Walnut Brightwork
Engine Model (2)300 HP Model 427 V8

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materials used
by: CC45

Hello, I have the Connie, Ranger.
I've been trying to restore her for some time, but hard to get the cash up.

What I like to ask is, the fwd deck did it have any canvas in between the decking?

What type of wood was the decking?

I have found on mine, it has teak decking then a canvas then more single 3-4 inch boards then the plywood.

Been having problems acquiring the teak and mahogany for planks, for under $11.00 a board foot here in the US.

Out side its all under $7.00 per board ft but hard to acquire total $$ for shipping.

Well I like to know if yours came with the walnut decking or you just wanted to go with a lesser cost?

It really looks great.

Awesome CC
by: Don

This is a beautiful example and makes me want to own a wood boat.

Well, maybe just this boat!

1965 Owens Tahitian
by: steve lawrason

Please Help , I can not find info on my 1965 Owens Tahitian, I need to rebuild her but I need to know how the bottom frame can be rebuilt, Please send help to stevelawrason@hotmail.com

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