s/y Moshulu

by Stefan Palmgren
(Helsinki, Finland)

s/y Moshulu was built 1948 for the Eriksons family (Åland Finland) as their private yacht.

At that time Eriksons owned the largest fleet of sailing ship in the world (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustaf_Erikson).

Moshulu is the name of Eriksons largest ship that still is the largest sailing ship in the world and is now serving as a restaurant in Philadelphia USA (moshulu.com).

Our Moshulu is designed for sailing and racing on the Baltic Sea.

This means hard conditions with choppy waves.

So everything is thick and strong.

The keel is long as we will hit bottom because our waters are highly demanding.

The boat is designed by famous Finish designer Birger Slotte and built at Wilenius shipyard in Borgå Finland.

It can't be better.

The boat is in oregon pine and mahogany.

Everything is in top condition with a non leaking deck with still original calking.

The previous owner had the boat for 25 years so it has consistently been looked after.

But their level for detail is not the same as ours so we will work to get it into concourse shape.

We think that is as it should be as this is real yachting history for us.

Lenght: 12.30m or 40"
Beam: 2.75m
Draft: 1.90m
Displacement: 7300kg
Mast: 16m oregon pine
Sail area: 55 m2

I have a website in Finnish (sorry I have plans for English version) www.moshulu.kotisivukone.com.

There is ä youtube video that shows when the boat was lifted into water last spring.

If you are interested in Scandinavian wooden sailing boats take a look at www.sailsandsea.fi (also in English) that covers with photographs all boats that are around in these waters.

We also have another classic one type sailing boat from 1938.

Its for sale but if you like to look here is our site and there is as well a youtube video.

best regards to all of you from Stefan in Helsinki

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Mar 10, 2012
"The Last Grain Race,"
by: Robert

I thought the name Moshulu rang a bell.

Eric Newby, in his excellent novel, "The Last Grain Race" shipped out in 1938 aboard the Moshulu.

An outstanding adventure for an 18-year old.

And I have read since then it is stilll serving as a restaurant in Philadelphia.

It's great to see they're keeping the name alive.

Mar 10, 2012
Scandinavian Wooden Sailing Boat
by: Mike

She is a seriously beautiful boat Stefan.

I encourage anyone to follow the link to your website, 'Google translate' is just sufficient to give the gist of what has been written.

I must admit that I had my fingers crossed while watching the start of the video.

And thanks Stefan for the link to the "Scandinavian Wooden Sailing Boat" website that also is worth spending time on.

Here is the live link to Gustaf Erikson on Wikipedia for anyone who is interested in the history of sailing ships.

Thanks again for telling us about Moshulu.

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