by terry roberts

sunfung 004.jpeg

sunfung 004.jpeg

sunfung 004.jpeg sunfung 029.jpeg sunfung001

Sunfung is a 30 foot solid Burmese teak Chinese junk, with two red Junk sails.

IShe was built in 1965 in Stanley Hong Kong, and has the original Yanmar diesel engine.

She is out of the water at the moment, after repairs, and fitting out completed, she can go back into the water, And I can get my photographs with sails up.

Sunfung is a very rare boat she was built in the fan-lam-Key boatyard in Stanley sunfung was commissioned by a man called GERARD DEROUE he worked for the Shell oil company, and for five years sailed the boat in and around Hong Kong harbour, he was recalled back to the United Kingdom, and it was agreed with his company that they would ship his boat back to the UK.

I found sunfung recognised her as an oriental craft and I decided to buy her.

I’ve had sunfung now for 18 years in that time she’s been completely stripped recalked repainted and varnishd.

Her engine, the original three cylinder diesel was rebuilt and works very well.

Now she needs fitting out inside and the sails rigging and she will be complete but this will have to be done by someone else

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