Shaft Anode onWwooden Boat

by Murali

Is it mandatory to fit shaft anode on wooden boat with copper cladding?

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Shaft Anodes
by: Mike

Hi Murali,

Sorry to have taken so long to reply, I've been having internet connection problems.

No, it is not mandatory to fit a shaft anode.

There a are those Wooden Boaters who don’t bother with them, but there are many factors which can affect the need for anodes.

Are the prop and shaft bronze?

Do you use a lot of electrical equipment on board?

Do you plug into shore power and if so, do you leave her plugged in for long periods?

And if you do plug into shore power is your electrical system properly earthed?

Do you have you got any other anodes fitted?

Do you moor her in a busy marina where there could be stray current leaks from other boats or even from the shore power?

My own personal instinct would be to fit one, just to be on the safe side, however if you have too many anodes that can also lead to problems.

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