Semper Fi

by Eric Shippam
(Northern California Delta)

Portrait of Semper Fi by Caleb Whitbeck, StFYC

Portrait of Semper Fi by Caleb Whitbeck, StFYC

Portrait of Semper Fi by Caleb Whitbeck, StFYC Semper Fi at anchor Semper Fi Underway

Semper Fi - 46' LOA,

1960/2007 Richardson Boats - Tonawanda, NY

This classic motor yacht was built in 1960 and refitted in 2007.

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Semper Fi,,, in all her glory !
by: Charli tompkins

Thank you for the wonderful talks, and your love for this grand old Yacht!

I'm looking forward to being aboard and seeing the inside.

I do hope all your plans for the America Cup goes your way!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful Sunset last night!

Looking forward to this soon!

Charli Tompkins

Semper Fi
by: Charli

Wow Eric,, was trying to find your facebook page you had texted!

Did not find it but did find this wonderful boat you had mentioned!

The retrofitting job turned out great and the picture of the boat in the Bay is wonderful!

Love Old boats and this one is a real beauty!


Semper Fi
by: John

A wonderful looking restoration and painting!

I suggest you post them on the Richardson Boat Owners Association Facebook page.

Classic Motor Yacht
by: Mike

What a superb boat and a magnificent painting.

You must be very proud of both.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

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