searching for a marine grade mdf board

by Kelle Morton
(Waco, Texas (usa))

I have been looking to purchase marine grade mdf board and someone suggested I check with boat repair shops.

I was wondering if you could send me in the right direction?


Please email me at

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Jan 17, 2020
Is there no way MDF board is suitable for marine use?
by: Vancova

We are comparing is there is type of MDF to be able to use uon cruise ship?

Or there is marine plywood the only best option?

Mar 24, 2013
by: Greg

Even if you aren't using it on a boat.

I still think MDO would be better for making pots.

The problem with MDF is that when it gets wet, it swells and falls apart.

If you took a peice of MDF and put it in water, in about half an hour it would be twice it's normal thickness.

MDO's paper face provides a smooth surface that would be perfect for making pots.

Mar 21, 2013
mdf board
by: Kelle Morton

I am looking for the mdf for the use in a pottery shop it's not for the use on a boat.

It is for making pots on. Thanks for all your help.


Mar 19, 2013
by: Greg

Kelle, Are you perhaps thinking of MDO?

Medium Density Overlay.

It's a plywood with a phenolic impregnated craft paper facing that looks something like MDF.

The stuff I used to get was marine grade but you may want to check on that, I live near a lot of yacht marinas.

The paper face gives it a smooth painted finish I think sign painters use it and it's also used for concrete forms.

But be careful of that stuff, I think it's treated with a release agent.

Otherwise MDO is a great material. It even looks pretty good varnished.

Mar 13, 2013
Marine Grade MDF
by: Keith


There is no marine grade mdf product I am aware of.

However, there is a product which I have used in commercial applications where moisture and wet areas are a problem.

It is referred to as Ranger board.

While it is not 100% water proof (nothing is long term) it is highly rated for areas that have a high moisture content.

That being said, I can not think of any good reason to use it on a boat, but maybe you already knew that.

The weight alone will be around 3lbs per square foot.

Perhaps if the members were more aware of what your project entailed we could provide some better guidance.

Let me know what you are working on.

Best of luck

Mar 13, 2013
by: Rob

What are you using it for? MDF is a very heavy product and not as strong as plywood.

Plywood can easily be covered with a covering of your choice.

Mar 12, 2013
by: Mike

Hi Kelle,

I'm not sure what you would want with a marine grade of MDF board?

I can’t help thinking that you would be better using marine grade plywood.

However, there are, so called ‘marine grade’ composite boards that are normally sold as ‘marine decking’ such as Latitudes Marine Composite Decking, (

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