Runabout Flats Boat

by Jet-Paul
(Florida ,USA)

Runabout flats boat built w/drill and glued dowels.

Im thinking of building a 19ft flats boat with planking useing dowels and glue.

I have quite a bit of woodworking skill.

I also have a lot of patience.

I will construct the 10 or so frame members and line the sides with a thin layer of plywood and overlay it with planking.

I just want the look of planking and not the hasles.

My boat will have a square bow and a step off deck of about 3 ft like a jon boat.

The hull will be plywood covered with fiberglass.

I know a guy who used Dap (weldwood) plastic resin and was very pleased with it.

Is dowel and glued constuction suitable for a fiberglass covered boat, or side planking that is sprayed with a buildable sanded sealer, painted with interlux?

Don't know what I will use for dowel glue.

The last time I built with dowels I used a water solvent common wood glue.

My wooden tool box dosn't hit the high seas much, with the exception of a spilled beer once in a while.

Does this sound do-able?

My calculations center around realizing the squared glued area that the dowels will increase to the clamped siding glue areas.

In theory one should be able to remove all the stainless screws from a boat once the glue is tight.

Right---What do you think?


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Jun 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sounds pretty good to me, except...

Dap (weldwood) plastic resin is a urea formaldehyde wood glue and any traces on the surface might prevent the fibreglass sheathing from sticking properly.

You could just use epoxy for all the gluing etc.

Or just forget the epoxy/fibreglass (messy, toxic, stuff) and just use the 'Weldwood' and then seal and paint her.

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