Resurrection of Henry. B. Nevins, Inc 24’ Double Ended Launch #187 built on City Island New York USA in 1920

by Sonny Poszich
(Lewisburg, WV USA)

1920 Henry B Nevins, Inc 24’ Launch

1920 Henry B Nevins, Inc 24’ Launch

Greeting Everyone.

Of all the many things I’ve tried in my life, sailing has been by far the most rewarding.

Even after 45-years at the helm, I still get excited every time I prepare to leave dockside for open water.

Between my 26-year old son and I we own three sailboats, two are in the water and one is on atrailer.

Tomorrow 5/22/19 I’ll be making a 300-mile trek to survey a double ended wooden motor launch that is currently 99-years old.

It’s been stored indoors for the last 30 +/- years, and should be well beyond any definition of dried out.

This article has proven most valuable to me, given the daunting task of determining how much work will be needed to bring this little maritime gem back to its original 1920 glory.

I’ve owned eight boats over all these years, all of them were sailboats, and two were wooden boats.

Both of my wooden boats were built by the Lippincott Boat Works in New Jersey, one was a International Star and the second was a 1959 Lippincott built Lightning, which we still own.

I have a well stocked woodworking shop that is equipped with eleven and counting mid-century cast iron floor mounted woodworking tools.

Beyond that, I have acres of wooded forestland and access to my neighbors diesel sawmill.

So with the proper tools, access to unlimited timber and a sawmill, I should have all that would be needed to restore Nenry B. Nevins 1920 launch back to its original glory.

I would like to compliment all who are responsible for making this forum available to people like me, and offer my wholehearted gratitude to all those responsible for maintaining this site.

I’ll be ready-reading your article again tonight and will likely not sleep very well.

After all, how often does anyone get the opportunity to owns a 100-year old wooden boat.

Warmest Regards,
Sonny Poszich

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Consolidated Shipyard / City Island
by: Tom Hansen

Thank you for sharing.

I just acquired a 16’ sloop made at the Consolidated Shipyard, City Island NY by Shipwright Benjamin Barstow around 1920.

I tripped over this post doing research. Would love any updates on your project.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. – Tom

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