Restoration of 65foot John Alden Schooner - Classic wooden sailboat Florence Richmond -

by Lotte and Benjamin

Good day! Sailors and wooden boatbuilders,

We (Lotte and Benjamin) just came onto this forum, we’re from the Netherlands and want to share that we’re going to take on a restoration-project, a classic wooden sailboat, named Florence Richmond, a 2 mast 65 foot John Alden Schooner.

The ship didn’t get any attention for three years and sat on land all this time in Den Helder in The Netherlands.
There are several big jobs to be done such as the deck and the wooden structure on the top.

It is our dream to restore a wooden ship and go sailing with it.
After renovating a polyester, steel and ferro-cement boat, we feel the need to work with our favorite material, wood!
For this reason we also send this message.

We are on the look-out for skilled woodworkers with love for these type of ships, to speak with them about the proper way of taking on this project.

There are major jobs to be done, so we will keep the coming years free for this project.

We’ll start a crowdfunding campaign to finance the project, so we can renovate Florence Richmond with a group of enthusiastic people and bring her back to her original state!

Picture of the ship in original state are found below.

Many thanks in advance for reading,

Lotte and Benjamin

ps: we’re reachable via this forum or via email/ phone.

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