Restoration of 1907 Mylne design 32' canoe stern

by Steve Street
(Liverpool UK)

Mylne design 1907.

She's been in side the shed for 4 years and really dried out.

Almost see through gaps in some of the planking below the water line.

She was perfectly dry when lifted out.

Caulked with cotton but at some time was filled with Sikoflex or similar product.

Mostly the caulking has stretched to form concave seams and I presume still water tight.

But in places the sikoflex has parted from the edge of the planking.

I am wondering if these seams will take up without leaking.

I don't know if the water tightness relies on the sikoflex actually adhering to the planks or whether it relies upon the planks expanding to squeeze the sikoflex to make a water proof seam.

Really I would like to scrape out the Sikoflex and re-place with red lead putty.

I tried to clean out the seams in a sample area but it's almost impossible with destroying the edges of the planks.

I would really appreciate some advice please.

I am a boat builder but sadly not a shipwright.

This boat is absolutely incredible, there is not one scrap of rot on the whole boat every plank on the hull is in one piece. no butt joints.

Has anyone heard of this before?

The boat (Tresta 2 ) was built on the Clyde on the west coast of Scotland .

I've had her for 4 years

She stored in the shed in my yard

My email address is stevest10@aol

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Jun 07, 2019
Nice Boat
by: Dave B

I hope it works out.

That is a great boat and it's better still that you are keeping her Alive.

Apr 18, 2019
by: Mike silliker

I have used sikaflex 221 for various builds and I tried alot of other products but nothing compares to the sikaflex in my opinion.

Oct 12, 2018
Yea, Lovely Boat
by: Anonymous

As long as the ‘sikaflex’ is still stuck to one side of the seam she should ‘take up’ OK.

If it has come unstuck from the top and bottom of the seam I would be concerned that it might be squeezed out.

Where there is a gap can be temporarily filled with something like Slick Seam or even bar soap until she takes up.

Oct 12, 2018
Beautiful Boat
by: Bill

Have you tried using a router or a dremel?

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