Rescuing an old Wooden Boat from the fire..

Some friends of mine knew I was looking for a wooden boat.

About a year or so one of them called me and wanted me to have a look at a boat they had.

When I get there,they had blazed a fire and one of them had started a chain saw.

The whole thing seemed to be a joke from their side.

They didn't expect me to have any interest of that vessel at all.

But they were wrong.

When I saw that beautiful shape and condition of the boat, I begged them on the spot not to start the destroying.

I went home for my trailer and had it transported home.

We're only dealing with a 20Ft motor skiff.

But even more necessary to rescue her.

Several of the boards must be replaced.

I made a new keel, some new frames, and a lot of work remain before its done.

I'll promise to add pictures when I have the boat restored.


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by: Leonora

This would be a really nice idea than what we have expected.

It will always be very much useful in building up a good change from what we have seen for a long time.

It will always be useful for a greater cause.

Glad you saved it
by: Anonymous

Glad you got it.
Some people seem to love destroying things.

I guess what they don`t realise is that they are destroying our history too.

Or maybe they just don`t care.

spotanious boat fever
by: vin

I do fear wood boat fever it is scary at times.

Lord it has power to shut down a man's frontal

Did some one have a chain saw, they are
some times considerd a tool, of good.

Wooden Boat Rescued from the Fire.
by: Mike

Well done!

I'm looking forward to seeing those photographs.

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