Power sanders?

by Craig
(Minnesota, USA)

What kind of handheld sander will help in stripping old finish off?

I've tried chemical stripper, scrapers, and an oscillating sander.

If I want to get the boat in before the end of the summer, I need to put a power tool to work, but I don't want it to gouge or lurch around while I'm using it.

Any recommendations?

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stripping with heat
by: Craig

Being leary of a torch, I picked up an electric heat stripper that looks like a heavy duty blow dryer for hair.

Adjustable from 200 to 1100 degrees F.

It's tough to sand or grind in some places, so heat will be an experiment for me.

Wood Stains
by: Anonymous

I think you should be ok using the mineral spirits to get rid of any left over stripper.

Just make sure you scrub it out of any crevices.

Bleach (oxalic acid) is another of those nasty chemical areas.

I have heard of oven cleaner being used to clean up grey weathered lumber.

The problem with it is that it can take out the natural color as well as the stain.

Try a small area first and see how it goes.

Or you could try staining the all the wood so that the marks blend in.

by: Craig

Is there something that will neutralize the chemical stripper? Instructions said wash it with mineral spirits...

In the meantime I did get a grinder with a sanding attachment, and found out what you mean about maintaining a smooth surface. It really take the finish off in a hurry, and the old grey wood toward the surface too. I think I can smooth it out with a sander or a plane. I was leary of the torch, since we live in the woods and there's a burning ban now with the dry weather.

When it comes to the inside with the ribs and such that are just over an inch apart, I got an attachment for my drill that's a synthetic sanding tool (not stone) that I'm hoping will work to get the old paint off the inside.

Between the strips of wood that the boat is put together with, there's dark ageing streaks. Can you bleach that out or what?

Paint removal.
by: Peter

Heat gun and linbide scraper works well.

Don't use chemical stripper as you can not get it out of joints and cracks.

It then eats your new paint, starts to show 3 weeks after you have finished it.

by: Brandon

Sharp scrapers of different shapes. A card scraper is a beautiful thing.

Old Paint
by: Anonymous

I suspect your problem is the old paint.

I don?t like those chemical paint strippers, horrible messy stuff.

You could try using a heat gun and scraper or gas blow torch if you are feeling brave but not on plywood.

You could try one of those long handled scrapers but keep it sharp.

The orbital sander is the safest option, disc sander or belt sander will be faster but have to be used extreme care even on flat areas, and there aren?t many of those on a boat.

by: BILL

Hi, I did a total strip of a 26 foot boat last year.

I first used 1850 chemical stripper and a good quality scrapper.

Then sanded with a variable oscillating 1/3 sheet sander.

Worked very well.

I would stay away from an orbital sander, it leaves circle cuts all over.

Don't be in a huge hurry though, better to do a good job than a fast job...you'll be looking at it for a while :).


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