Pompie clinker

by Jason o'sullivan
(Lara vic )

Hi all, I have a question I have a 18" wooden clinker it's sitting on a trailer in my drive way.

I bought it 4 months ago and it's starting to split in places and crack.

Is this permanent damage and how long can I keep this boat out of the water until I sand and reprint the boat?

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Using Pure seal 522
by: Jason

Hi all, has any one used or heard of a product called PURE SEAL 522 for sealing up along the seems and joints on wooden boats??

Pompie clinker cracks and splits
by: Jason

Thanks again mike much appreciated great stuff.

I'll get on with it and I'll let you know of the progress .

Don't be surprised if I have more questions later on,,

Paintwork first
by: Mike

You can keep her out as long as you like, just make sure that no rain/fresh water is allowed to collect inside, it will eventually cause rot.

Keep her dry but well ventilated.

Clinker boats don’t use cotton caulking, that’s for carvel planking.

The planks overlap tightly when they take up.

You might want to use some sealant on seams that look too wide but don’t use anything too sticky or anything that will go hard, ‘Slick Seam’ or even ‘Boatlife’ will do.

But first the paintwork and any repairs.

Pompie clinker cracks and splits
by: Jason

Hi mike yes ok thank you so much for your help I have a lot to learn about these magnificent old boats .do you recommend the new types of caulking rather than the old cotton ,and how long can these boats stay out of the water for .

by: Mike

It’s not a good idea to fill a boat with water when she is sat on her trailer, too much weight.

If you want her to take up before launching it is better to just line the inside with damp sacking or something similar and just keep it damp.

But first do all your stripping and painting.

Looking at the photos it would seem that she is basically sound and most of the cracking seems to be just cosmetic.

That top plank at the transom might need refastening,

But first strip off the paint then you will be able to see clearly what, if anything, needs repairing.

Pompie clinker cracks
by: Jason

Should I fill the bottom of the boat with salt water up to the bottom of the engine .?

Cracks and spilt timber on my Pompie clinker
by: Jason

Hi mike I loaded some pics up of my clinker but I don't no where the pics have gone though I still don't no my way around the site lol.

Pompie clinker cracks and split timber
by: Jason

Hi mike thanks heaps for that I'll get some pics on and I'll show you .

But thanks again what a great site ....

by: Mike

Quite probably the splits are just superficial but it is hard to say without some photos.

Or it might just be the wood drying out, in which case they will probably ‘take up’ again when she goes back in the water.

Are the cracks along the seams?

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