Plans for a US Navy 50' Motor Launch

by George l
(San Diego CA)

In the 70's I got tangled up with a surplus navy motor launch.

I was planning to convert it to a commercial fishing boat but found a less expensive way to go....

The white elephant is long gone but I still have 6 sheets of brown line plans...profile, plan view, lofting tables (mold loft tables) and sections.

All sheets in good/usable/mostly legible condition. dated 3/9/29.

Free to anyone wanting to mess with one of those 50' critters.


Comments for Plans for a US Navy 50' Motor Launch

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Aug 06, 2014
Very interested
by: Hobby

Hey could you text/call or email me very interested in the plans 715-617-0398 thank you

Jul 01, 2013
Do you still have the plans?
by: George

If yes could you scan them and send them to me?

Apr 03, 2013
Gig Length
by: Anonymous

Modern Captain's Gigs generally run around 36 feet(length).

Admiral's Barges generally run 40 Feet

I'm betting this is what is being mentioned.

(Think launches used in and around Pearl Harbor during WWII).

Just a thought, I could be wrong, it's happened before and it'll happen again. :)

Nov 30, 2011
oh really capt's gig or patrol?
by: Anonymous

What is her condition?

Is she powered and do ye have any pix?

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