Painting My South Jersey Beach Skiff

by Steve Hall
(Merritt Island, Florida)


I have just taken ownership of a Florida Cyprus wood built South Jersey Beach Skiff.

It is in great shape just needing a fresh coat of paint inside and out and a small 1/8"inch crack in the hull (bottom) sealing.

I have several questions

1) What would be recommended for the crack sealing.

2) Do you have a preference of the type of paint to be used inside and outside.

3) Were the original Beach Skiffs any one or a series of standard colors as I don't want to insult the name and style painting the boat the wrong color

I plan on painting the outside of the hull Navy blue and the inside white with the top trim and deck areas gold.

The boat now is painted inside and out all white with a light brown for the deck areas.

Thank you for any and all advice.

Steve Hall.

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Oct 21, 2011
South Jersey Beach Skiff
by: Anonymous

Hi Steve,

As the crack is only small, some thickened epoxy or an epoxy filler, (marine, not the stuff used on cars) should do.

I would imagine that she has previously been painted with a good, old fashioned, one part, oil based paint, so that is what I would stick with.

As for traditional colors, I would imagine that as they were originally work boat that each fisherman would paint his boat in his own choice of color.

As well as being an expression of individual character/ personality having different colors would also make identification easier.

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