painting an old row boat

by Greg
(Evansville, Indiana USA)

I pulled an old two-person row boat from the crawl space of a cabin.

Floor was rotted but sides and insides are in good shape.

I've taken off the old floor and bought a sheet of marine-grade plywood to replace it.

I've sanded down the rough spots on the sides and insides.

Now I'm ready to paint, BUT, there are no paint stores in my city that carry marine paint.

I need advice on:
(1) do I need a primer, and if so, what kind?
(2) what kind/brand of paint is best?
(3) Should I use different materials for the bottom and sides versus the inside?

Any advice will be appreciated!

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Aug 26, 2015
by: Kathryn H. Simmons

Looks like you have to do a lot of restoration stuff and need great amounts of time in getting the piece to get back to its normal position.

I hope you will succeed with the effort and the advise I can give is about the painting.

Paint carefully with attractive colors which makes the boat look like a dazzling star in water.

Jun 19, 2015
Painting old row boat
by: Anonymous

After you do the seal and primer, question would be; are you going to keep the boat in the water all summer or park it on dry land and launch it when you use it?

If your not going to keep in the water, a good latex house paint will work fine.

These paints hold up 24/7 for years in all kinds of weather on your house.

If the boat is only going to sit in the water no more than 2-3 days or so at a time, with a day or so out of the water, have at it.

May 23, 2015
marine paint
by: paul

I like Awlgrip

Follow application instructions precisely

Yes .... Sealer and primer

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