No Discharge and Porta-Potti

Two crocks mostly.

Most (not all) no discharge zones are a crock brought on by environmental fanatics focused intently on minutiae.

Most marinas full of boats are actually hoes in the water that rarely move or get used.

Don't believe it, then just check out some marinas on a nice day and see how many boats are still in the slip.

As for the porta-potti, well enjoy yourself, unless you are in an area swamped with enviro-freaks and corresponding no discharge zones, a proper sea toilet with proper plumbing (note the word PROPER) is preferable to trying to balance your porta-potti while climbing up your companionway and over the rail or lifelines.

Its a shame that the environmental movement has been left to fanatics that principally want to control others rather than focusing on the chemicals that continue to be dumped into the water and in such quantity that you are now advised to limit your intake of quite a few fish species because of certain heavy metals.

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by: Cal

It's about swimming areas.

Still think you can have a bucket on deck but no overboard discharge.

Most of the dock are about the rich they make the laws to suit their agenda.

Like park your boat at anchor for a week and you get a ticket, they know how to bitch.

But if a ship parks outside your house it billows out bunker exhaust, blocks their view, they are told to file a complaint which goes nowhere.

It's like the most damage done is by tankers they take on ballast in Bangladesh and dump it where ever they want killing all kinds of marine life.

The shit from cities on the coast are the best crabbing grounds, go figure.


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