new ballast on a wooden salboat

by michael phelan

I am considering buying a wooden sailboat that needs a new ballast,

Far East Mariner 46, where should the boat be taken to have this done?

What is the process?

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May 26, 2015
keel on a wooden sailboat
by: Anonymous

The comments by anonymous regarding pollution by lead in water is absurd.

The amount of lead in water against the oil his car drips onto his drive and is then washed into the waterway????

These are the people who are dangerous

May 26, 2015
ballast on a wooden sailboat
by: Anonymous

I am with curious Mike here.

There is no need for ballast on a properly designed yacht doing leisure sailing.

There are yachts called sandbaggers who alter the ballast by adding and subtracting bags of sand according to conditions. but it doesn't sound like this is what you have.

So either the keel has dropped off and she turned turtle which will show in lots of ways inside, or you are being misled somewhere.

Verify the credentials of the person selling the yacht and part with no money without a professional survey.

May 25, 2015
by: Mike

When you say she needs "new ballast", does this mean a complete new ballast keel?

Did the original keel drop off while she was in the water?

Or could it possibly mean extra internal ballast?

May 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

If you have the old ballast you can make a cemment mold.

If not you need to build a wood one or a sand mold works.

Lead melts at low temp so not a big deal or just head down to your local ship yard.

Lead's not cheep and as we talk lead should be band from the waters we ply it is poison, it's like fishing the rivers and lakes are full of lost lead.

We need to think out side the box like bayrit sand like lead.

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