MATILDA, 8m wooden sloop.

by Alan Kenworthy
(Heywood, Lancashire)

My mystery wooden sloop, MATILDA, 8m wooden sloop made in East Anglia

8m swing-keel, from East Anglia.

Can anybody recognise her?

I only know she was in Wisbech then Gainsborough on the Trent, before that on the GT Ouse and maybe the Broads.

Superb quality build, someone's pride and joy.

Does anyone recognise this beautifully made and finished interior?

The cushions upholstery are gold-green.

There is a central sheath housing the swing-keel.

Motor was a Nanni diesel 10hp, mounted on starboard side of centre keel housing (unusual).

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by: Bob Johnson

The Matilda from recollection was advertised as a do it your self project in the UK in the late 60's

If I remember correctly she had two berths forward and 2 aft.

A small galley, chart area and combined head and shower.

The one I remember was originaly a twin bilge keel for stability on shingle when the tide whent out.

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My Previous Wooden Boats

by Alan Kenworthy
(Heywood, Lancashire)



FAIREY ATALANTA NO 58 RED DWARF at Balaruc-les-Bains


Famous Uffa Fox design, made by aircraft builders of Mosquito and swordfish fame.

Hot-moulded mahogany, light dispalcement , with twin drop keel, and amazing yacht well ahead of its timeo.
Pictured in Orkney, after I sold her.


RED DWARF at Balaruc-les-Bains five years ago.

Towed it there from Santander over the Pyrenees.(shades of Tristan Jones!)

Difficult to assemble, difficult to raise and adjust rig, horrible pokey cabin, tiny cockpit.

I rigged a little tent on the trampoline as sleeping quarters.

OK for a young man maybe.

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boats and compromises
by: Harry

Thanks for the insight Alan.

Yes , boats and compromises....I understand the comfort thing though.

I fixed up an aging Farrier Trailer Tri (earliest Farrier folding Tri made out of plywood) years ago, and that boat had a much larger cabin than your Typhoon.

And I thought that was too small....

Trouble with fast multi - hulls is the speed and acceleration ( at least for me ) is so addictive.

My mis-spent youth consisted of racing plywood Mosquitoes , Stingrays ,and Nacra catamarans.

Hard to go back to monos after that.

The larger Cats are way too expensive.

Better fast boats than slow horses or (fast) women my grandfather used to say.

Ironic about your boat going to the UK.

Thanks again.

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