Marine Plywood For Sale

by Tom
(Gardiner, Maine, USA)

For Sale are 4x8 sheets of like-new plywood rated as ”Marine Exterior” by the U.S. PRODUCT STANDARD PS 1-83.

This standard sets production requirements for industrial plywood.

All plywood has been stored indoors.

The breakdown for the first lot is -

Four 4x8 1/4" Teak & Holly sheets typically laminated onto boat sub-flooring and sold new for $1200.

I am selling as a lot in like-new condition for $850 OBO.

The second lot is fourteen 4x8 sheets of Douglas Fir Marine Plywood (NOT CDX).

The breakdown is - Two sheets of 1/4”, seven sheets of 3/8”, and five sheets of 1/2”, plus some partial sheets.

Together, these 14 sheets sold new for $1000.

I am selling these 14 sheets as a lot in like-new condition for $700 OBO.

Summary of PS 1-83 for External vs. Exposure 1 (CDX) rated plywood.

Exterior panels use Type 1 wood, usually Douglas Fir, and a waterproof bond designed for permanent exposure to the weather.

Exposure 1 plywood, commonly called CDX, uses Type 2 or lower grade wood, is not intended for permanent exposure to the weather but uses the same waterproof glues used in External plywood.

As a result, Exposure 1 plywood is often mistaken for Exterior plywood.

Therefore, only APA Exterior rated plywood should be used in applications where it will be permanently exposed to the weather, such as in boats.

Feel free to buy either or both lots priced as marked.

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