Looking for advice on replacement hull planking

by David

Guys, I'm not sure if I've posted this in a correct or proper way - please forgive me.

I have a 1956 Century Resorter, for the most part in very good shape aside from needing the last 3 - 4 feet of hull planks replaced across the bottom.

My plan was to carefully remove each board, make a template, and cut and plane new, identical boards to replace them.

My question is: where would I find such lumber?

Is there a material better suited for replacement?

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Old Growth
by: Cal

Simple, you have a boat with a name brand.

What it's made from could be what was available at the time.

Not sure what state you're in but carpenters boat yards collect wood.

Ask a carpenter to have a look.

Old growth fir may coast you about 50 bucks for a four ft board but up here in BC you may just go to a mill and pay 20 bucks.

I have found old tight grain fir just laying out in the forest and old growth oak on the bottom of the lake.

But it's out there don't be afraid to ask.

Boat people love to talk.

Or just ask mike he seem to have the answers

by: Anonymous

Can you tell what the original planking was?

If at all possible I would use the same type of wood to avoid difference in the swelling once soaked.

One problem will be finding old growth timber as some newer woods are grown so fast they they aren't as tight grained and then to get it quarter-sawn to reduce cupping.

How wide and thick are the planks?

I have a couple sources for mahogany.

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