Look at this neat custom build

by Bob
(Boston, MA USA)

Looking to get help on identifying this boat.

Not sure if it was a kit boat, custom boat or production boat....circa 1960, 1961 per previous owner.

Wheel are attached to hull & has a hitch coupler attached to the bow (water line area)........so in a sense it's a boat & trailer in 1!

Looks like the wheels retract when in water......


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Jun 13, 2018
Mystery Girl Lorelei Boat Update
by: scot marechaux

Some Parts were from the Wilcox & crittenden catalog of the period.

Jun 13, 2018
info update
by: Scot Marechaux

after much searching I have the story of this boat. the designer was from east aurora ny. James l crook. he patented this design in 1950. he set up a workshop in the 3 bay basement of his home and built maybe ten of these boats. number unknown. Lorelei boat was what he named the boat company. 6-13-2018 I am trying to get the original engine running, soon I hope and the boat to some shows for people to view this jewel of American dreams and creativity. scot marechaux Belmont ny 14813

Dec 30, 2017
Interesting boat
by: Ned L

Cute little boat. (The "WC" in the center of the wheel stands for Wilcox Crittenden, a long standing manufacturer of marine hardware, nothing to do with who built her.).

Keep us updated on your progress.

Nov 01, 2017
see my videos of this boat we own
by: Scot Marechaux

I bought this boat in east aurora ny on sept 22 2017 at auction.
Boat has been stored , unused or moved in the same garage since 1961.
Came with no paperwork. No builder identification or numbers on hull.

A really interesting older mini cabin cruiser/boat that you don't see every day!
Boat registration # 9J779
Trailer license plate on rear of boat is New York Trailer # 94-417 year 1960-61
We could not find any manufacturer's name on it.
Length is 16' 8"
Hull materials: galvanized steel hull riveted over steel skeleton of formed ribs.
Roof is made of 2" oak strips spaced over steel ribs with a burlap type padding cover with a rubberized landau type top.
It has small (6'W x8’Lx 4'H) cabin that is accessed through as folding door. Inside is a steel Fram bed with original mattress.

The boat is on a permanent trailer/frame.
It takes a 1 7/8 ball which is located on the front for you to hook your hitch up.

The pair of wheels are retractable. When the boat is in the water you release a clasp, pull up on a cable and the wheel rise up inside a compartment inside the cabin. When fully up there is a clasp you turn to hold them in place.
There are two door/flaps on the sides of the wheels that are spring loaded and cover the bottom of the boat for cruising.
A the stern is a two door compartment to place the outboard motor in.
The transom for the outboard motor is recessed two feet into the hull creating a tunnel.

Motor that came with the boat is a 1953 "Evinrude" 25HP Big Twin

Included is a large canvass cover for the boat.
Also included with the boat is a 48"l x 24"w x 34"h wood supply box.
Inside there is a brand new "American LaFrance" Fire extinguisher. Rope, flares. 2 0 metal 5 gallon gas cans. 9 cans new/full "Texaco Outboard Motor Oil." Extra props - new. Spare tire(new). "Kooklite" two in one cooking lantern.
A new old stock box of Orange Adult Size, "Life Saving" Vests. Dated and Approved By U.S. Coast Guard, N.Y., N.Y. October 26, 1952
Made of eight pieces of flotation cork wrapped in a bright orange canvas vest with six canvas ties.
Typical of Life Vests found aboard Ocean Liner's.Made by "Atlantic Pacific Manufacturing Company, Brooklyn, New York."
Vest contains four pieces of cork measuring 11"tall x 5"wide x 2"thick and four pieces of cork measuring 6 1/2"tall x 5"wide x 2"thick.
Cork approval # A78.
Vest overall measures when opened, 44"long x 11"tall x 2"deep.
Weight 6 pounds.

Clues to the age of the boat are:
-1953 outboard motor.
-Orange life vests dated October 26, 1952
- Texaco outboard motor oil cans dated
- kooklite stove lantern is from 1953 or so.

Links: photos of wood chest contents
Photos of boat:


Youtube video link:


Oct 16, 2017
Unknown make (boat-trailer combo)
by: Bob

This boat has an outboard engine which is concealed in a closed (aft) compartment.

Oct 14, 2017
by: Jim

Don't know what it is but best clue is the center emblem on the steering wheel.

Is it an inboard?

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