Leaking Plywood Boat

I would apprerciate any advice.

I have a small plywood boat about 40-50 years old.

Each time I put it in the water it leaks badly.

Does it just need to soak up or do I need to caulk the seams?



Leaking Plywood Boat
by: Mike

First, plywood does not require ‘taking up’, soaking, to make the seams tight.

As to how to seal the leaks that will depend on how she was built.

Perhaps the most common method for the past fifty years or so has been epoxy glued and sheathed.

In which case it may be that the sheathing needs replacing or perhaps just the seams need re-epoxy/glass cloth taping.

Can you please tell us more about the boat?

Is she hard chined, eg have slab sides or is she lapstrake?


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