La hookah

by Darren Cordova
(Costa Rica)

My trimaran suffered some damage and I have someone fixing her.

Should they use epoxy and resin to fare out the damaged areas to meet the undamaged areas for an even surface when the rest of the hulls are wood with fiberglass?

And can the epoxy and resin expand and flex with the wood as necessary?

My concern is that this is a non necessary and costly application.

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Epoxy Repair
by: Anonymous

Has the person doing the repair had any experience of dealing with wooden boats?

From what you say it sounds as though this is going to be a bit of a bodge job.

Where the wood has been damaged it should be replaced with the same type of wood then glassed over.

Epoxy and resin will not expand and flex like wood, and any large patch of epoxy will eventually break away from the wood.

Without a lot more details about the boat, her construction and the extent of the damage it is hard to give any detailed advice.

I would suggest that you try to find a repair man who has experience of working with Wooden Boats, too many these days only have expertise with plastic boats.

And make sure that they use 'Epoxy' resin when glassing over and not 'Polyester' resin which is what they use to build GRP boats.

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