Kidney Duck Skiff Restoration

by Matt

I have a circa 1920 Dan Kidney cedar strip duck skiff that I want to restore.

The hull looks to be in great shape.

Do I just power wash, sand it down and paint it again?

What kind of paint?

It had canvas on top.

Do I just replace that?

Any tips would be most appreciated!

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Feb 10, 2011
Painting the Skiff
by: Anonymous

It is just a canvas cover on the flatter part of the top of the skiff.

I am thinking that I would just paint that instead of re-canvassing.

So I just power wash it, sand it down and repaint?

I agree on a good oil based marine paint.

I actually got 2 of them.

Maybe I'll start with the one in worse shape and see how it goes!

I just don't want to do Dan Kidney wrong!

Jan 26, 2011
Duck Skiff
by: Anonymous

Hi Matt,

She sounds to be an historical gem.

Yea, I would think as long as there is no damage or rot that a good rub down and a few coats of paint will be all she needs.

As for paint it’s a case of what you want to pay.

Anything from a good quality exterior house paint to a marine quality paint.

Personally I would use a one pack oil based paint rather than any of the new fanged two part paints.

The canvas you mentioned is this the deck covering or a canopy?

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