I think I found a Wooden Mast in My Garage

by Rich

I think I found a wooden mast in my garage.

It's about 24' long and tapered.

The narrow end is about 2.5 inches diameter.

The wide end is about 5 inch diameter.

At the wide end there are two nylon bushings about 2' apart.

There is misc. hardware, a pully on top and and a quarter inch rope.

It's wrapped in a canvas sleeve.

If this is a mast is it specific to a certain boat?

Are there ways to identify it?

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by: TerryW

I have a flag pole mast in my yard also made from the mast of a "Penguin" could be a Penguin mast from the discription.

They are tapered at both ends with a rubber or nylon pully at the top usually a small clete at the bottom.

I hope this helps.

Mast Identification
by: Gene

Given sufficient time and resources you could possibly identify the mast but it's unlikely unless it is from a class boat and is well known in your area.

You could try sailing clubs and yacht basins in your area but I think you're trying to sail directly into the wind.

Is there some reason, other than curiosity, that you want to find out which boat it fits?

A design may call for a mast of a specific design but that doesn't mean that there aren't any numbers of masts that will work with that boat, and the same is true of using a specific mast with other boats.

If you just want to find a use for it, why not plant it in your yard and use it as a flagpole?

That's what I did with my old mast.

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