I remember Expo 67!

by Fred D Hollands
(Alberta Canada)

I was the cox of the whaler, (a 21 foot fiberglass replacement of the old clincker built whalers).

I was then a Leading Seaman in the Canadian Navy.

I was behind our ship messying around and all these people collected to watch me.

Well to make a long story short.

I went full ahead towards the stern of our ship, expecting to swing the boats stern in with the motor.

You guessed it.

With all those people watching I blew the shift and ended up in neutral.

By then I was too close, too fast and all I could do was try to swing the bow over to absorb the bang.

I was knocked off my feet and the men aboard ship were laughing so loud they could not even catch the line I thew up to them.

Then I turned and did a low bow to the spectators on the wharf. people from all over the world.

Yeh, I will remember Expo 67 alright...

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