Homemade wooden sailboat project

by Dylan Lowry
(Paradise Tx.)

My grandfather started building this boat a few years ago and never finished it due to his health.

Now that he has passed I am not sure what to do with it.

It is about 25 feet long and looks to be made out of plywood.

It does have some sealant on the bottom of the boat.

There is no trailer with it.

I am not sure of what anyone might be want to pay for something like this that is why I am posting it here.

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Apr 23, 2021
Still available
by: Dylan

It is still available

Apr 22, 2021
IS boat Available, looks like the morningstar from amateur boatbuilding in the 1970's
by: BHowell

Hi, Believe it or not, I think I have the original blueprints for this boat!

Is it still available?
Thanks B

Sep 01, 2020
Still available
by: Dylan

There is no trailer for it so I sell it for a few hundred dollars, as long as it was going to someone who would finish it.

Sep 01, 2020
price and availalbility?
by: Anonymous

IS this still available? if it is how much would you sell for?

Dec 21, 2017
More pics soon
by: Anonymous

Ok I will get some when I get home and post them

Dec 21, 2017
picture of the bottom
by: Matt

Hello! Would it be possible to get a few pictures of the bottom of the boat? For a better understanding of what is needed to haul it away.

Mar 22, 2017
Still have it
by: Dylan

I would just like it to go to a good home.

I take $300 or make me a offer.

I am located in Texas, it does not have a trailer so you would need to bring one.

Let me know if you want it or have any questions.

Thanks Dylan

Mar 22, 2017
by: Darren

What would u like for it as I'm just a man looking for a project to see me though plez let me know

Dec 21, 2016
Still avalible?
by: Anonymous

Hi she looks beautiful can you send me her demensions.

Dec 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

How long is she? How wide?

Dec 19, 2016
by: Ricardo Oldoni

I'm from brazil
please plans boat my mail?'


Oct 29, 2016
plans boat
by: Anonymous

ciao sono italiano e non parlo molto inglese .. potresti essere cosi gentile da mandare una copia dei progetto della barca alla mia e mail?' grazie..


please plans boat my mail?'



Oct 25, 2016
best wishes
by: Neil

Hi Dylan,

I hope your your boat finds a good home, it looks like your Granddad was a skilled man.

If I lived closer I would be tempted to take her on.

Unfortunately I live in England so transport would be a real challenge.

Sep 06, 2016
Still have it
by: Dylan

I still have it, it is located in Cottondale Texas. Price is whatever anyone is will to give

Sep 06, 2016
Hull shell
by: Anonymous

I am interested in the hull she'll.

Where is she located.

And what is you asking price?

I am a bored retiree and looking for my next project!

Oct 04, 2014
More photos
by: Tyson

I am interested in the design but to be frank I am more interested in the look and shape of the whole but I like the look and shape of the windows.

The sailing characteristics and many other aspects of this boat and it's design are not evident from the pictures posted.

Apr 04, 2014
it is still here
by: Dylan

I still have the boat if anyone is interested let me know.

Jan 14, 2014
Has it sold
by: Anthony

D: Has this hull found a new home yet?

If not send me a note.


Aug 15, 2013
by: Dylan

If anyone knows the guy that posted a comment on my post Aug 8 by the name of Dylan TX the email he left is not a working email.

I would like to get a hold of him to talk about the boat.

If you know who is he please tell him to check back here and email me at dlowry36@gmail.com thanks

Aug 10, 2013
by: Dylan Lowry

I still have the boat a few people have come to see it but nobody wants to take it. I am about ready to just sell it for a few hundred dollars. my email is dlowry36@gmail.com if you like to come out and see it

Aug 08, 2013

Hello Dylan,
I'm interested in your boat.

I see I am a few months late in finding your post.

I would like to see more of the boat. you can email me at dylan.milford_86@gmail.com if you like or still have the boat and haven't decided to continue the project yourself.

Thanks look forward to hearing from you.


Mar 16, 2013
Morning star
by: jschad1725@aol.com

She looks to be from the Morning Star design.

I built one about 30+ years ago.

I changed her to a single cabin boat.

I did not sail her much but she was a respectable boat.

I always felt safe in her.

Feb 27, 2013
photos of others
by: Dean Bachelor

These are in the photo gallery of other homebuilts



Feb 27, 2013
Here is the link
by: Dean Bachelor

Dylan, here is the link to the Glen L website


enjoy, Dean

Feb 26, 2013
Homemade Sailboat
by: Al DeForest

If it looks that it is a Glen-L then your best bet is to go to the site and log into the builders blog or forum and go from there.

If your grandfather put together a model to help him with the build I'm sure the quality of workmanship is there and you'll find someone interested.

Put up some more photos and you can direct people to this site.

Feb 26, 2013
by: Dylan

Thanks to all for the comment, I have not found the plans for it but I did find a model that he built of the boat.

It looks like it is a Glen-l 25 with the duel cabin option or something real close to that.

Feb 25, 2013
Project Sailboat
by: Al DeForest

I'm not sure if I agree with Tony.

There are quite a few people out there that have purchased boats just shy of the burn pile and brought them back to life.

I think the risk is low for this boat.

What could be hidden?

Looks like there isn't much to hide in it's current state.

Bare hulls are on the market that are bought by those that want to fit it out to there specs.

Charles (Gatchell), you said it was a Saltbox design.

I searched around for information on this type and found nothing.

What's the history on the design.

Always like to learn a bit more of what's put there.


Feb 25, 2013
It will live on !!
by: Anonymous

Don't listen to Tony !!!

Feb 24, 2013
Boat Projects
by: Tony Miller

I don't want to spoil the mood, but it will be a challenge to sell a partially completed project.

A boat building project is usually a very personal adventure one takes on in life, and to start midway in someone else's dream isn't what most people would find ideal.

There is also the question in the buyer's mind of how well the work was done. Generally amateur boat builders do their best but inevitably they make mistakes along the way, mistakes someone else would have to be willing to take on.

Regrettably as it is, it probably isn't worth a great deal of money, not nearly as much as what he put into it, or what it would be worth completed.
This is compounded by the fact that the builder isn't around to speak to.

I'd suggest posting it on some of the boat builder type sites, and fish for an offer.

Expect that it won't be what your would like, but remember the buyer is taking on some significant risk and has to manage moving the boat to complete it.

It's a shame, but that's probably the reality of the situation.

Sorry for your loss.

Feb 22, 2013
Unfinished Sail Boat
by: Al DeForest

I too am sorry for the passing of your grandfather.

It looks like he was very talented.

Not being able to see the complete side view, not sure, but may be a Glen-L 25.

Glen-L has a number of boat plans based on a plywood build and the Glen-L 25 has a center cockpit version similar to what I could see in the photos.

If it is a Glen-L they have a very active builders group that would be able to find a home for her.

Go to
http://www.glen-l.com/ or boatdesigns.com for more info.


Feb 22, 2013
by: Charles Gatchell


There is quite a lot of money tied up in marine plywood and fastenings involved and a "saltbox" is a great design.

Just find someone that has the ability & money and will to finish the project.

If you wish to get a fair price for what you have there, it would be a good idea to find and and show a picture of the same design boat finished !


Feb 22, 2013
I wish it was closer to me
by: Dean Bachelor

WOW, it looks awesome, I wish it were closer to Michigan, I would be very interested in it.

Like Mike said, look for some plans and let us know what it is.

I have been thinking of building one, and looking into different styles.

Just finish it yourself and name it after him !! :)

Thanks, let us know,

Feb 22, 2013
by: Mike

Hi Dylan,

I'm so sorry that your grandfather wasn’t able to finish his boat, especially as he seems to have been making such a fine job of building her.

If you could find the plans he was working from (I'm sure he must have has a set) they will have some more information on the type and style etc of her and which will be invaluable to a prospective buyer.


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