by Rosalind

32' Ex Canadian navy clinker pre-1946, 4 cyl Isuzu.

Sitting in a field 1 1/2 years.

Starting work soon.


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Project Hannie
by: Rosalind

Hi Brent, Ya she's the one in the cow pasture, bit of a problem with the calves licking the hull, copper and creosote and all, had to build a snake fence around it.

Getting pretty intimate with the hull, she's been planked over the top of the original planks which had teredo holes, and some of the second layer were coming loose.

The old story, the more you take things apart, the more rot you find.

Teredos have gotten into the outer layer of planks as well, and the keel.

Replacing the outer layer, after filling everything with Git-rot and plugging all the fastening holes with matchsticks and shishkabob skewers....

And three layers of paint from the inside.

She's a bit lumpy, but I guess she's used to it.

Went to talk to Heather the shipwright who maintains the Navy's clinker rowboats at Comox, and learned of a sister ship to Hannie coming up for government surplus auction.

So now I have two.

Glad she's found a home
by: Brent

I know this boat if she's the one sitting in a field in Cassidy and I'm glad to hear she's found an interested owner.

Good luck.

That's a great boat.

There is another one at Yellow Point Lodge if you need inspiration!

by: Rosalind

Ya, Peter, I had a 16 footer very similar for years with a spritsail and leeboards.

Incredibly seaworthy and very burdensome, could easily carry a ton in rough water.

I should be able to hang at least some sort of square or junk sail for going downhill....

by: Rosalind

Ya, she looks really burdensome, should carry a good load.

She's in remarkable shape for such an old girl, yay for copper fastenings and all that Navy paint inside.

She's always been an open boat, apparently, but I'm thinking maybe a small wheelhouse aft and a mast with lifting boom forward....

Right now she needs the bottom done before moving in the spring.
Rotten transom knee, weird layered plank to replace or refasten, it's loose and hollow behind.
Nasty rotten iron engine bed bolts right through the hull, electrolysized fastenings causing the guard strips to pop off, and suchlike...

Then she'll need thwarts and combings, the rotten side decks replaced, and so on.

She's been in sheltered water all her life, I'd guess.

Around here it's ten miles across the strait to town and we get the kind of waves you dive into and crash off of.

Couldn't resist. She's very similar to the 28 footer my Mum skippered as a WREN in Plymouth Harbour in the war.

That one was coal fired and had a stoker and a mate.

She carried sailors to the ships, including Churchill once.

Lost his hat overboard and had to go back for it.

Mum didn't go to Dunkirk, but I'm sure Hannie(1) herself did.


Woderful lines!
by: Peter


What beautiful lines... I am not much of a motorboat man myself but I have to be honest I would happily own a motor launch like that.

Good size too! I am sure you can convert to a long low cabin cruiser without spoiling her lines.

Hope it all goes well!

Ex Canadian Navy
by: Mike

Hi Rosalind,

She certainly looks to be a fine sturdy craft.

What are your plans for her?

Are you going to convert her or use her as she is?

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