Frozen Stopcock on Ticon30

by Terry Williams
(Rainbow City Alabama)

Does anyone have any tips to loosen up a frozen bronze stopcock on a through hull fittin?

I had two stuck in the open position.

I got one closed with some PB Blaster but the 2nd one is stuck tight.

I don't want to put to much pressure on the darn thing.

Can they be heated up slightly or is this a dangerous line of thought.

The boat is in the water and dry.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Terry W

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by: TerryW

The PB blaster and the hair dryer did the trick!

The cock is closed and a little 3 in 1 oil has gotten it to move fairly easy.

Thanks for all the advice.

by: TerryW

I will give the hair dryer a try.

I have let the darn thing soak in PB blaster for about a week now.

I will put the heat to it this weekend and let you know how it works out.

Thanks again

frozen stopcock
by: Anonymous

I have good results in the past with heat, but gentle long term heat not a blowlamp.

Wait until the wife is on a shopping trip with a mate and then get her hitech hairdrier and put it on high setting with the fancy nozzle attached which directs heat quite accurately.

As already suggested wrap everything except the target in cold wet towels and be aware of the area behind the valve.

Perhaps a piece of steel plate with a wet towel behind.

After about ten minutes and certainly before the towels dry too much, give the body of the valve a few smart taps with a hammer and don't be too gentle this is tough stuff, and I usually find it turns with some help from a wrench with a rag under it.

As a matter of interest an old plumber told me never open a stopcock fully.

Open fully and then turn back a quarter turn.

Hot Oil
by: Anonymous

Use hot diesel or penetrating oil.

Just be careful when heating it.

by: Bill

Plenty of penetrating oil.

And if there is plenty of room between the valve and the hull and any hoses then heat as well.

Wrap a wet towel around both ends to reduce the amount of heat getting to the hull/hoses.

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