Fastening teak hand/toe rails to deck.

by John
(Central Coast.N.S.W Australia)

What is the best way to fasten teak hand/toe rails to the fore-deck?

I have 6mm 316grade s/s lag screws that I planned to screw and epoxy into the bases of the teak hand/toe rails, then drill 6.5mm countersunk holes through the deck (using the rails with lag screws as a template), drop the lag screws through the deck then get under the fore-deck and, using timber pads, large s/s washers, spring washers and nuts tighten it all up.

The countersunk holes in the deck are to allow better adhesion of the epoxy (or other recommended adhesive.

Or should I just drill through the top of the rails and use epoxy and screws to fasten the rails to the deck?

The decks are approximately 1" (25mm) thick.

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Grab-rail Fastening
by: Timmynocky

Sounds fine as far as it goes John.

Personally I would want at least some through bolts going right through the rail and if possible through a deck beam.

Someone heavy grabbing that rail in an emergency can exert a lot of pressure in the initial jerk.

A rail is most likely to have the grain running along it, so any sideways pressure on the wooden pillars will be across their weakest area, a through bolt will also act as reinforcement.

And, as I said if you can get one or two through bolts to go right through a deck beam as well, so you aren’t relying on the deck fastenings, then that will be as secure as you can get.

I wouldn't bother messing with epoxy, I'd just bed them down with a sealant.

So, even if it is just the end fasteners, reinforce the wood with some through bolts.

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