Experience with Resolcoat

by Ben

We have some soft timber, frames, not rotten but soft.

We have sistered up further up where the frame has sheared.

I have read nothing but good things about Resolcoat to harden up timber.

This is a newish product I think.

What are peoples experiences with this product.

Any extreme cases?

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Oct 09, 2012
Resolcoat Experience
by: Woodwind

I used this product for the first time on a 60 year old 21'clinker dayboat.

Applied with an airless spray, lots of resin gathered in the bilge and lands of the planking, so I brushed it out with a stiff paintbrush to redistribute it, took some time to get 3 coats on but after 3 days to dry (with occasional redistribution of gathered resin)it managed to dry.

The results were fantastic!

Previously soft, waterlogged and leaking scarf joints are firm and watertight, soft and pliable lands are stiff and tough, old oak knees are the same, carried out a minimum of tightening for the worst seams, but ended up with a totally watertight boat that i can now rely on to be dry.

In my experience it's the only thing that's ever done exactly what it promised.

May 11, 2012
Soft Frames
by: Ben

With out pictures, and more description its hard for me to say, but it sounds like its time to get in there, and pull out the old frames and put in some new ones.

If everything were super dry, I might if I had too use a penetrating epoxy to stop rot from doing more damage.

May 11, 2012
Resolcoat 1010
by: Mike

I'm glad you asked about this product.

Like you I have been hearing lots of good reports on "Resolcoat 1010".

I haven’t, as yet, tried it myself as I tend to be cynical about new wonder products.

And the notion of a water based epoxy seems to go against everything I know about normal epoxy.

But then I was slow to try acrylic paints, which I now am rather pleased with.

It sounds as though it is the ideal product for your frames, Ben.

I've also heard of it being used to coat plywood when weather conditions have prohibited the use of traditional epoxy.

As an added bonus no toxic thinners are required and bushes etc can be wash out with water.

I have, as it happens, just ordered a tin to try on one or two problem areas that weather conditions are making it difficult to see to.

And I will be reporting back on it, when it arrives and I have had chance to use it.

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