Does anyone have pictures or understand how to make the Crescent centerboard hanger?

by Michael Cargill
(South Carolina)

Im planning my summer boatbuilding project and thought the Crescent was a great start, but I can't understand the instructions and diagrams for the centerboard hanger.

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anyone have pictures or understand how to make the Crescent centerboard

Centerboard Hanger

by: Mike

The reason for the hanger is to allow the centerboard to pivot.

As you can see the pivot point is low down, below the waterline.

It could be hung on a pivot drilled right through the centerboard case but that would inevitably lead to leaks.

So, the centerboard is first attached at the pivot point to the hanger.

This whole assembly is then slotted tightly into the case from the top, the hanger right up against the forward end of the case and held in place with screws through the flange at the top.

Centerboard hanger



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crescent center board hanger
by: cal

Hello Michael,
Don’t know how much sailing you have done or building but there’s help out there.

Pinterest has pictures if that helps or just give it to a naval architect, any collage or find another boat, take the parts one of the boats.

I had just had a two-inch rubber washer mounted on a threw bolt each side off the hanger and a half round notch each side off the center board box, this allows for the center broad to swing up if it touches the bottom, not like a dagger board which can make life real interesting if you happen to hit something.

But like mike said the less holes in the box the better,

One thing I did in the past was laid in rubber inner tube in the bottom of the centerboard box, cut after installed, this gives a good seal stops drag and excess water,
Have fun

Ease of Removal
by: Mike

This also has the added benefit that is allows for easy removal of the centerboard, should it be necessary.

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