Dan Kidney Duck Skiff

by Joe
(Weyauwega, WI. USA)

I have a Dan Kidney duck skiff (1910-20s) that I haven't used in 50 yrs. (garage stored).

Is there a buyer's market for such a craft in great condition?

I would like to sell it to someone who appreciates a quality skiff.

Comments for Dan Kidney Duck Skiff

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Lewis Skiff more likely but??
by: Anonymous

Looks more like a Lewis Boat Co skiff they were out of Oshkosh if I remember correctly...it should have a builders tag if it is a factory made skiff although there are exceptions and it could have just been removed for some reason too...
I had one years ago and it had the same oarlocks.
The coaming is busted and the new paint along with no id tag would detract from the value from a collectors point of view.
If it does not have a tag it also could be a good home-built skiff...some of the boat company workers made skiffs nearly identical on the side and there were many other good boat builders who made a few every year for some extra money...many were just as good or better than the factory ones...just not as valuable today.
Hope it finds a good home!

Duck Skiff
by: Tom


If you look at the pictures in the Dan Kidney Catalogue.
The Ribs are 6 inches apart.
If you look at your skiff they are a lot farther apart.
It might be a Clark or Lewis skiff from the same area.
They built similar skiffs. It is still a nice piece of history who ever made it.


Dan Kidney Skiff
by: Joe


Thank you for your comments.

The old duck hunter (now deceased) who sold me the skiff 65 yrs. ago said it was a Dan Kidney skiff.

I have not looked for the Dan Kidney brass plate since the skiff has always been painted.


Duck Skiff
by: Tom

Hi Joe,
Did some research on the skiff.

A friend of mine has a Dan Kidney catalog.

I sent him pictures of your skiff.

He remarked that he does not think your think your skiff is Dan Kidney but built by another boat builder that made similar boats in Wisconsin.

Dan Kidney Skiff
by: Joe

The skiff is available and I am taking bids on it. If you are interested in placing a bid or need further information, please contact me at:


Thank you,

kidney skiff
by: jason

Do you still have it? What was the value?

Dan Kidney
by: Tom

Sent you a email.


Dan Kidney Duck Skiff
by: Anonymous

The Dan Kidney duck skiff is "For Sale" and I am open to bids.

It is currently stored in our garage in Weyauwega, Wisconsin.

For further information, please contact me at: no.willowgreenexpansion@gmail.com

Thank you!

Dan Kidney
by: Anonymous

Is this boat for sale?

Thanks Tom

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