Cypress need?

by Ferdinand
(Dar es salaam)

cypress trees at lushoto farm Tanzania

cypress trees at lushoto farm Tanzania


It seems this type is the best material.

Can any one inform where to sale the products, here in Tanzania, Lushoto district are abundant trees some reaching the age of more than 50 years not yet harvested: please indicate the offer price, dimensions, quantity etc generally speaking the specifications.

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cypress needed
by: cal

The question to your letter?

They look like nice trees but must be much older than fifty years.

Here in BC they are among the lower price ones, used a lot for boat building, decking.

Lasts years and cleans up like new with little work.

Has a real high coast in the blade or cutting due to the silica in the wood.

Makes nice log homes but the price is below fir or red cedar.

Used a lot for firewood, a shame if you like wood but in BC coast its abandoned on north coast, the cheeps.

But in your letter are you wanting to sell it or want to now the board the price?

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