CROW, Camp Cruising Sailboat

by Roy Schreyer
(Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada)


I can see nothing all around me!

Georgian Bay is slow to warm this season, hence the thick fog.

It is cold and damp in the exposed cockpit with a storm in the forecast.

In spite the cold, I’m wearing just a “T” shirt!

You see, I’m not sailing from the cockpit but from inside a warm cabin!

Snacks and controls at hand, I’m enjoying this bad weather in comfort!

The ability to sail from inside with a 360 degree view is just one of the cool features my new Camp Cruiser design, CROW can boast!

Forgive me if I continue to “Crow”!

At 15’, 8” X 6’, 8” beam & drawing just 10”, Crow offers a lot in a little sailboat!

The pram bow deserves much of the credit!

There is a bigger list of features to share but first let me explain how Crow came to be... After surgery, I was going stir crazy, a friend suggested making a model.

Great idea!

A cereal box was soon transformed into a tiny boat.

The idea had been in my head for some time.

Refined after 20 plus years enjoying our old sailboat, I saw improvements that could be made.

Crow would address Whisper’s shortcomings but keep it’s better features!

Crow is not a Hare but carries her house like a Tortoise!

With these upgrades now sorted out, this camp cruiser is sailing nicely and is finally ready for her reveal!

Unique features; EYES (“bird’s eye view”)... Pram Bow... Shallow Draft (two shallow bilge keels and skeg/rudder combo)... Single Lee Board (weather board)... Comfortable Cabin with, 54” interior height, large windows, queen berth, two 32” settees and a portable toilet... Spacious Cockpit... Unique Hull Shape (generous rocker fore & aft, arched across and hard chines)... Skinned with Large Ply Panels (easy when shown how!)... Yawl Rig with Gunter Main (mast in tabernacle)... Positive Floatation (six sealed chambers) and Sails to Windward in just 12”-14”water!

Boat Plans Available from

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