by Trevor Webster
(Lund BC Canada)

"Cresset" is now for Sale

I am rebuilding the 40 foot 1929 cutter "Cresset".

She was built by Gorge Askew in false Creek Vancouver B.C Canada.

She was owned by RVYC members until the 70s, now we are completely restoring her, we have refraimed, replanked and redecked well over half of her and I'm just getting rolling.

Next is the house recalking and then the scary one,that big hunk of cast iron and the bolts that hold it on.

Now this is bad enough on its own but in this case the floor timber bolts are gone too, and that means we need to take the ballast off the boat.

But for now I'm just not going to think about that and and focus my time and energy on making "Cresset" look like a boat again and less like a big pile of lumber.

You can track our progress and feel free to make donations, boat buildings expensive and any thing helps.

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The Iron Ballast
by: Craig Murray

Hi , I have the same issue with " Lark".

As it has been explained to me The iron Ballast is not so bad.

It is the fasteners that hold it on.

The key is the support of the boat while the ballast is removed / dropped down.

The more people you have to do the small things the better.

Make a plan of how you want to do it.

Do a couple of dry runs. Then just do it.

By the way you don't have to get much room between the keel and ballast before you can use a sawsal to cut the bolts off.

Just support the ballast well on rollers and have an outrigger set up so it doesn't tip over on its side.

My ballast weighs approximately 5500lbs. I'm sure yours is around the same.

Be safe . good Luck,
Cheers, Craig.

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