by Jeffrey Unterschuetz
(Olga, WA)

"Coquette", a 1950 John Alden Malabar Junior coming out of her tent after a 5 year refit.

Ready to have her mast stepped and be measured for new sails. Dec 2013


I have always admired bright finished transoms but Coquette's was originally painted.

So during her refit I planed some mahogany down to 5/16th inch and overlaid hers with this result.

The three pieces of mahogany were bedded in epoxy and fastened with silicon bronze screws, counter sunk, and bunged.

Also in this photo you can see the new stern chain plate.

I made this from 318 SS bar stock, bending it with heat, and polishing the SS.

This chain plate is twice as thick as the original but matches the midship shrouds nicely.

mooring lines

I have recently put in a new buoy and have made this harness for the critical connection between the buoy and the boat.>>>>>>

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Malabar Jr
by: Steve

Hi - I'm in the process of acquiring a 1949 Malabar Jr in the Seattle area.

I'm curious to know how your project and boat are coming along.

Any more pics to share?

1960 Alden Malabar Jr.
by: Mason Hinn

We are refurbishing a 1960 Alden Malabar Jr..

She is bronze fastened, Meranti planked on S.B. oak frames.

Her back bone is all Yellow Cedar with a lead keel.

We would like to hear more about Coquette and your progress.

Mason and Tracy

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