Canvas Deck Pain

by Howard

The canvas on the deck is stained and dirty from too many years stored in a barn.

What kind of paint does one use over the canvas?

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Feb 15, 2011
Canvas Paint
by: Mike

Hi Howard,

As your boat has a canvas covered deck I'm assuming the she is an old ‘un, in which case the canvas has probably been painted, previously with an ordinary, oil based, semi gloss, house paint.

The old method of using a house paint that has been thinned with turpentine meant that it rubbed off over time, and then a new coat could be applied without the canvas becoming clogged with paint.

If you do use a ‘house paint’ use an exterior type with UV filters.

Oil based paint wont rot the canvas but it as it hardens it can crack if the deck flexes.

So, if there is any flex in your decks you might want to consider a more flexible (latex type) coating.

Use the paint thinned and apply it in thin coats so as not to fill in the texture of the canvas.

Add some non-skid aggregate, mixed in or sprinkled on, if needed.

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