Brand New HUON PINE Sailing Dinghy

You are looking at a superb opportunity of a brand new sailing dinghy.

Everything is new, boat, new sails, new trailer, new oars.

This has been built in Tasmania by Andrew Denman,I won her and she is far too good for my requirements and need to sell her quickly.


Andrew told me to insure her for $24,000 replacement value.

I am sure you will agree she is a superb example of craftsmanship.

There is $6000 of materials and some 400 hours of build time. She is immaculate.


Transport will beta your cost but this can be organised this end without hassles.


This is a magnificent example of brand new Huon Pine Dinghy built to the very highest traditional wooden boat building standards by Denman Marine here at Kettering in Southern Tasmania.

She is of clinker construction huon pine planking with contrasting king billy sheer strake on celery top pine backbone and ribs.

All planking is book-matched..

The transom and stem are also huon pine.

Quarter knees, thwart knees and and breast-hook are from grown huon pine crooks(book-matched).

All fastenings are copper and bronze with bronze rowlocks and rudder gear.

Fully balanced lug sailing rig including mast, yard, boom, centreboard, rudder and sail (classic cream colour).

Bottom boards are swamp gum and thwarts of king billy pine.

The interior is painted below the riser and varnished above.

The exterior is fully varnished with brass half oval protection on the keel, stem and bilge runners.

The inventory includes hand made custom oars, sail, running rigging, new dunbier galvanised trailer with stone guard protection and spar/oar rack.

The builders website link is;
http://www. Denmanmarine. Com. Au/

The designers website link is;
http://www. Gartsideboats. Com/

A video of the sistership to this dinghy on the water sailing can be seen at this website link;
http://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=2dPX5Ee9EWw

Location: Parkdale, Victoria.
Country: Australia.
Year: 2009
Designer: Paul Gartside - Nova Scotia Canada.
Builder: Denman Marine Pty Ltd - Kettering Tasmania.
Length: 3.0m - 10'
Beam: 4ft 2in - 1.26m.
Keel / Ballast: Timber Centreboard.
Hull Material: Huon Pine Planking, King Billy & Celery Top Pine.
Outboard: No.

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Mar 24, 2016
Now located in Parkdale, Victoria
by: Graham

The dinghy is now located in Parkdale, Victoria.

My mobile is 0403 611 242.

I am willing to sell for $10,000.

Nov 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

I would pay 8,000 and foul obtain a similar boat although not as nice for a far les. but it is a gorgeous dinghy. I think these boat builders trump up the hours.

Many of these boats are used as training courses and buoy by amateurs over the period of a course and have no genuine build time or salaries with materials usually paid for by the person commissioning the build along with a modest service fee plus students paying a course fee.

So what is the real cost...probably not more than around $8,000 to 10,000 new with trailer.

Oct 24, 2015
over priced
by: goya

Hi Just because huon Pine don't make it a diamond.
i have a 36 foot Wooden Sailboat huon pine hull so on. I brought it for 1000.00 built in Franklin area.
you will never sell you dinghy for 24.000. regardless of hours building it and materials used.

Also it is unfortunate that in Tasmania they sell sail boats and dinghy's up to 40% more than what you may pay on mainland. even general sailing gear is cheaper to buy directly from mainland and have it posted you still save heaps. sorry you may get around 8000 thousand that's about it if someone pays more they have more more than they need. good luck

Dec 03, 2010
Incorrect spelling
by: Allenb Flux

G'day, Just a small spelling error in your introduction of this vessel.
Should spell HUON PINE .

This timber is reputedly the best boat building timber in the world .It is a protected species which still to be found in the wilderness of Tasmania. The Huon pine is Australia’s oldest living tree and is one of the oldest living organisms on earth. Individuals have been known to reach an age of 3,000 years. Fossil records from a tree found in a boggy area in the south west of Tasmania were dated at 3,462 years! (Carder A., 1995). Only the bristle-cone pine of North America exceeds it in age.

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