bottom winterizing and bottom finishing

by Edgar

Hello to all. Have sailed for many years, but so far on fiberglass boats only.

Have got my first old "woody" (Nordic Folkboat) and I would appreciate a lot on your kind advises.

My today's question is related to winterizing and antifouling: if I'm going to change antifouling, is it better to do removal of old paint in autumn or spring, in order not to find her rotten or overdried in the spring?

Boat will stay covered with tarp in an area with winter temperatures changing many times from cold and damp to chilly freezing)

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Nov 08, 2019
by: Mike

I would leave the old paint until the spring, just clean off any barnacles or other marine growth.

And touch up any damaged areas, fill any splits or cracks now (that also applies to all of her paintwork and varnish) not only to reduce water damage and rot but because if that water freezes it will expand and widen any cracks.

If your boat will be used in both fresh and salty water, the transition from one one environment to the other will help keep fouling to a minimum.

However, before buying an antifouling paint it’s always a good idea to check with other boat users in your area to get an idea of the local problems and any environmental regulations and then go for the most effective but least toxic solution.

For now the main thing is to keep as much damp out of her but still allow air to circulate and moisture escape.

A cover should have the ends kept open, and be kept in good shape, tears, rips and worn spots patched before they allow too much damp to damage to the boat.

There is no substitute for good ventilation.

It is also a good idea to go on board regularly and open the hatches, if only to allow the air to flow through.

More on Winterizing here. and antifouling here..

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